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Cabbage Soup Diet Update





Tonight I surprised Mark with another home cooked meal and got it all romantically set up outside. I’ve been on a roll with my healthy dinners this week! It’s all thanks to the Cabbage Soup Diet for getting me back on track. I followed every day last week up until the fifth day. Instead of meat and tomatoes I just started eating protein and any vegetable. Since then I’ve been staying with very low carb meals and snacks throughout the day.

I also started walking on the treadmill this week…and OH MY! Going 9 months without any exercise makes you realize that was a bad idea! I also started a squat challenge, but ended that REAL quick since I was so sore today. It’s definitely eye opening to notice how out of shape I am compared to where I was before. Planning to start running next week, but gonna keep it at a slow and steady pace.

I am always so excited to feel results after finishing the Cabbage Soup Diet. I didn’t eat the soup every day, but I stuck with the food groups. I also did not deprive myself from my much needed morning coffee and an occasional glass of wine. So on Monday morning (Oct 3) I weighed in at 201.4 pounds. This Monday (Oct 10) I weighed in at 196! I lost over 5 pounds last week and the best thing is I’ve been able to keep it off! The healthy meals I’ve been prepping this week have definitely helped.

I feel healthy, lighter and notice my stomach going down (still a lot of healing left to do). There is definitely less bloating when sticking with a low carb eating plan and I feel more energized…believe it or not. I’m pretty sure my morning cup of coffee helps with this as well.

Overall I always like to rejuvenate my eating habits by incorporating the Cabbage Soup Diet into my monthly routine. Also, I’m doing a happy jig since I’m finally in the 190s! My goal is to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight of 174…but the journey doesn’t end there. My journey ends when I feel healthy, more confident and regain my endurance in order to chase my two rugrats around. I want to gain more confidence for myself and be healthy for my family.

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