Tasty Tuesday: Breaded Salmon with Asparagus and Couscous




So since I’ve completed the Cabbage Soup Diet, I have been on this kick of cooking healthy meals for dinner. This one was definitely a fan favorite that even Mason ate all of his portion. I’m even planning on cooking this dish again next week for my parents. I might even be craving it now! Anyways…I’m hoping to keep up with these Tasty Tuesday posts and share some of the fun things I’ve been cooking lately. I found this one off my Facebook feed.

I ended up purchasing a one pound salmon fillet from my local grocery store. I was able to cut it into three portions…one for papa bear, mama bear and Mason bear. I followed the instructions precisely with a couple differences in the ingredients and the end result was a party in my mouth. I’m not a big salmon eater, but this has definitely changed my ways of life.

Here’s the link to follow a step by step on making this yumminess, as well as other salmon ideas: One-Pan Parmesan Crusted Salmon

*My Differences: I cooked the salmon with the skin since it was cheaper at the store. I used parsley from my spice rack rather than cutting it up fresh from the plant. I forgot to add the salt and pepper, but you can always add on after…I don’t think it needs it anyways.

*My Sides: Seasoned pearled couscous from a box. Oven baked asparagus seasoned with garlic salt.

Bon Appétit

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