A Toddler’s Birthday








It was a Bubble Guppies birthday kind of a day. Supposedly it’s fall here in Florida, but the sweat I endured today told me otherwise…and to think that just yesterday we went through an intense hurricane. You can always rely on the sunshine state to deliver a bipolar weather forecast. By the way…Hurricane Matthew brought us a bunch of wind, but no damage, no power outage and no serious occurrences in our area. The biggest commotion was on the east coast causing a lot of flooding, power outages, uprooted trees, as well as land erosion. We were very lucky the storm didn’t move more west. It seems like night and day comparing the stormy weather of yesterday to the crisp sunny day we had today.

We ended up traveling over an hour to one of our good friend’s precious daughter’s second birthday party. It was exactly one year ago we were celebrating her birthday at the same adorable playground. Last time however Mason wasn’t quite walking, but today he was all over the place collecting sticks. Brinlee was a champ in today’s heat too. She went through a minor fussy phase, but once I topped her off with a bottle and had the fan on her, she calmed down right away. I highly recommend bringing a battery operated fan where ever you may go with your kiddos…especially when it’s an outside party in Florida…Lifesaver!

During our two hour visit Mason was able to cover the entire playground, swing on the swing set and devour a yummy cupcake. Brinlee was able to cry hysterically for a few moments and make Mark and I rethink this whole outing. After everyone settled down we were glad we ventured out and survived to tell the tale. Truthfully, nothing out of the ordinary happened today. I think the hardest part was knowing that it wasn’t going to get any cooler outside and the fact I decided to wear jeans. Who does that!? Me…me does that.





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