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The Calm Before the Storm




The title to this post not only represents the pretty days we’ve had prior to Hurricane Matthew’s upcoming arrival, but also a smaller storm known as Miss Brinlee. I feel like I have been raving about her temperament and noticing how calm she’s been during her first month, but from Tuesday to Wednesday this week…we’ve had ourselves a whirlwind.

It all started Tuesday. Typical morning getting her and Mason fed, then my mother came over to watch the kiddos while I went into the office. I had myself a productive day, but when I returned home my mother informed me that Brinlee was fussy and gassy throughout the day. Brinlee even spit up her formula at one point. I didn’t believe mom initially because I’ve never witnessed anything out of the ordinary. Well…I was proven wrong. That night she was fussing over being gassy and I eventually got her to settle down before bed…around midnight.


Wednesday was another normal morning (with the exception of only getting about four hours of sleep). Brinlee and I woke up around 6:30 for her morning feeding, then she went back to sleep in her swing. Mason slept in until 8:30 AM and allowed me to catch up on my guilty pleasure…Real Housewives. I was able to get in one episode and a coffee or two then it was time for monster Mason to get up. Milk in hand, Disney on the tube and Brinlee counting sheep. Life was good.

An hour passed and Mason decided he was ‘hangry’; that unforgivable state of hunger and anger wrapped into one. I was unable to serve his highness immediately since Brinlee insisted on her second feeding at the same time. So with Brinlee in my left arm and the right arm creating a chef’s masterpiece (microwaved oatmeal), Mason was crying and demanding I hurry things along. My plan for Wednesday was to head over to the local Target to pick up a few things, but the way the morning was rolling I wasn’t sure how I was going to make that happen.

I finally got Mason situated to enjoy his food, but then Brinlee started a fit. I fed her and burped her and swung her and started loading her into the car seat, but she didn’t like that either. I had hoped to be on the road at this point, but that wasn’t the case. All I knew was if I could just get both of the babes into the car I would be home free. So that’s what I did. Mason was ready, Brinlee was crying in her car seat and I had my messy bun-drooled on shirt-leggings outfit on…then we headed down the road.

I ended up having a great experience for my first outing with both kiddos. The key when going to a store is to park as close to the shopping carts in the parking lot as possible. When you get out you don’t have to walk far, grab a cart and start loading up the kids. I had Brinlee in her car seat set on top of the cart and Mason in the shopping cart’s seat. She slept the entire time while Mason kept entertained by the randomness within the store.

When we returned home from our errand Mason went down for a nap immediately and I fed Brinlee her bottle. Normally Brinlee would go right back to sleep, but nope. The entire time Mason was out I was attempting to calm her down. I fed her and changed her multiple times, but nothing was working. I ended up letting her cry it out and eventually she got tired and fell asleep. Maybe she finally got all her gas out or maybe she was just tired. Whatever the case, momma only got a few minutes to fill up her wine glass and enjoy a calming mental break until Mason woke up. Wednesday did not disappoint and I was up again until midnight before Brinlee called it quits.


So waking up on this Thursday morning was a relief when I saw my mom sitting in the rocking chair waiting for us to get up. I handed baby girl over, got Mason up from bed and filled my swimming pool up with coffee.

We’re now in preparation for the next storm, Hurricane Matthew. We gathered everything from the yard and placed it on the porch, filled the bathroom tubs up with water and are hoping the power stays on as long as possible. We’re not looking forward to the A/C not working…especially with two young ones in the house.

Please send out some prayers for everyone here in Florida. Looks like I might have a few more nights of no sleep in my future…cheers!

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