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Miss Brinlee: Birth Story








Today Brinlee is one month old! She has changed so much over the past four weeks and we couldn’t be happier. We might want more sleep, but nothing takes away from the overall love we have for this little pooping angel.

Brinlee Faith was born on Thursday, August 25, 2016 at 7:54am via c-section. Weighing in at 7 pounds and 3 ounces, you can imagine our surprise after Mason weighed almost 10 pounds! She was so dainty and perfect. Mark and I both fell in love instantly.

She has been so sweet and reminds us of Mason at times, but definitely has her own way of doing things. She enjoys eating A LOT, snuggling after meals, her big brother’s hugs, filling up dirty diapers, and sleeping (unless she’s eating). We’ve given her many baths, many wardrobe changes and many more kisses. I don’t want her growing up too fast, but I cannot wait to watch her at each stage of development.

I remember my first post to this blog was Mason’s birth story and now I get to share the day our family grew by one more stinky diaper. It has been amazing being a mother, but loving two kiddos is even more amazing. I didn’t know what to expect emotionally when adding a second child to the mix, but our hearts have definitely grown!


It was a quarter to four the morning of Brinlee’s birth day when my bladder decided to wake me up for its nightly routine. I figured since I was already awake I might as well start to get ready…plus my excitement and anticipation was holding me back from getting any additional sleep. I jumped in the shower to enjoy what might be the last relaxing shower for a while and continued to get ready while Mark was taking in his last bit of sleep.

In our guest room, my mother spent the night in order to take on Mason duty since we had to be at the hospital by 5:30am. Mark and I were ready a half hour before we needed to leave and since I was getting antsy we decided to say goodbye to my mom so we could get a head start on our drive to the hospital. It was so sweet…my mom walked us out the door and waved as we drove off.

My excited nerves were beginning to take over and I couldn’t believe the day had arrived. We parked the car, grabbed our belongings and made our way into the hospital’s emergency entrance. A security guard (who took his job very seriously and decided to search excessively through all four of our bags) greeted us at the door with a less than joyful personality. Luckily, what was lacking in charm from the guard and front desk staff Mark and I were able to make up for it with our own happiness. We eventually got everyone to smile before making our way to our destination, but hopefully those men were able to enjoy the last few hours of their shift.

The walk from the entrance to the other side of the hospital seemed like THE longest hallway. I vaguely remembered the same walk we made the morning Mason was born, but this time my bladder was full…yet again. We get to the elevator to take us up to the maternity wing and had our moment of deja vu. It was exciting and very surreal.


The next part of the morning was my least favorite…getting poked with the IV! Here’s my relationship with needles…I don’t mind getting shots. In fact I wouldn’t mind getting a lot of shots…plus I have a tattoo. Stick a needle anywhere in my body and I’m good to go, but when you start looking for a certain vein…then we have a problem. I’ve passed out multiple times when getting my blood drawn and I ALWAYS ask for the butterfly needle.

So there we were…I had gone to the bathroom, changed into a hospital gown, laid down, was asked the numerous questions about my health, then Miss Nurse comes over. She looked like she was on the last hour of her twelve hour shift. She begins annoyingly feeling my left arm for a ‘good vein’ and started talking out loud to the other nurse and myself…”I’m not sure about this one”, “You have very rolly veins”, “I think she might be dehydrated”. It was during this time I had my eyes tightly shut, head turned to the right and squeezing Mark’s hand until I heard his knuckles crack. This nurse didn’t just poke me once in my wrist, but then again in my forearm, checked for any signs of veinage in my right arm, came back and poked me again in my left. The room began to spin.

I was informing the other nurse I was blacking out. She grabbed one of those smelly things to place under my nose to wake me out of my dizziness. My vitals had dropped and Mark said my lips turned blue. I snapped out of it slowly and started regaining consciousness. Did I mention how much I HATE getting blood drawn and IVs? Miss Nurse poked me three or four times and wasn’t even successful! Finally the other nurse, the one that knocked me back into awareness, came over to my left hand and in one try got the IV in place. Where the hell was she this whole time!? Sheesh!

Mark and I waited in the prep room for a while before another floor nurse came in. I was thinking this was the moment. She was here to walk me to the surgery room and eventually place our daughter into my arms…but that wasn’t the case. She asked if I was willing to allow students from the local college observe my c-section. Ex-squeeze me? By all means have these random strangers watch as my organs are moved around while I’m immobilized on an icy table…whatev. Let them see me from the inside and out…its more than I’ve seen of myself in…EVER.

It ended up being a neat experience for them all and I enjoyed their company. I really liked this one student who mainly shadowed the nurse who monitored my post-op care. I guess you can say I was happy to be their guinea pig.


We continued to wait patiently in the prep room as medical staff breezed in and out. At one point there were so many people in the room I thought we were hosting a party. The anesthesiologist came in to introduce himself and checked over everything in his paperwork. He was awesome! Very lively for it being 6am in the morning. He made me feel comfortable and excited about the surgery (remember this was all after the IV so everything from then on was a piece of cake). Another unfamiliar face comes in and stands by the right side of my bed. It was the physician about to handle my surgery.

Prior to everything…Mark and I found out that the doctor I had been initially visiting at my appointments was not performing my c-section (even after he said he was). I’m not a big fan of surprises. I basically hate surprises, so this news threw me for a loop. So it was now twenty minutes before my surgery and this new doctor comes in. He looked at me, introduced himself, took my hand and asked if he could say a prayer with us. I closed that ‘I hate surprises’ door and welcomed this man with open arms. He just made my fears and doubts go away immediately. I started to cry from the warmth of this man’s prayer and knew right away everything was going to be alright. I still don’t like surprises though.

Once the doctor left the room and Mark got his space suit on, other nurses began getting things together. By the way, watching Mark get dressed and prepped was hysterically. Especially when he ripped right through the cover for his right shoe. I can always count on my clumsy husband.

The nurses lead us down another stretched hallway, then it hit me. It was time! Time for Brinlee, time for joy…time for my bladder to realize gravity kicking in. I mentioned I had to go to the bathroom at least twice, but one of the nurses reassured me that they would take care of it (good thing the anesthesiologist was quick because that catheter couldn’t come soon enough).

Mark was brought into the room once I was all set up and then the next half hour we waited. Waited as the physicians carefully got to work, waited as the students and medical staff watched…then I heard Brinlee cry.

My emotions got the best of me and I completely broke down. It was one of the most beautiful sounds in the world. I wanted her in my arms right away, but they were making sure she was alright and checking vitals. Mark was giving me updates on our baby girl and said she was beautiful. I told him to go see her and update me on her weight when he could. It seemed like forever until I saw her, but the wait was so worth it.


After the surgery was completed I was wheeled into a recovery area to have time to rest, begin breastfeeding, beg for ice or water (which I wasn’t able to have yet), and wait forever on our patient room. My parents, mark’s parents and Mason were out in the waiting area for a few hours before we were finally reunited. In that time though my dad was able to capture some awesome home video footage.

The best memory caught on camera was when Mason walked up to the nursery window. Mark was holding Brinlee and my mom picked Mason up to see his sister for the first time. Mason was so happy to see his daddy and started leaning into the window to get closer. Mark put his forehead against where Mason’s was. It melted my heart to be able to look back and watch that moment.


A few hours finally passed and I was in my room excited to see family for the first time since Brinlee. I was mainly excited to see Mason and how he would react to his baby sister. It was another unforgettable memory. He entered my patient room (with no pants on) and picked up speed once he saw me. He wanted to jump in the bed immediately and I couldn’t wait to hold him. I had Brinlee in my right arm and Mason in my left. As he admired her I was soaking in every second.

After witnessing how fast Mason has grown in almost two years I’m attempting to take in each day in slow motion which is very hard to do when you have a toddler and newborn. Mark and I have been keeping ourselves very busy, but we wouldn’t want it any other way. We are feeling very blessed and extremely happy. We have a full house, full diapers and full hearts.

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