First Day Out of the Mom Cave





Today was the first day since having Brinlee that I fled the mom cave and got to experience some quality time with my hubby. Not gonna lie…I might’ve gotten teary eyed when I left the house, but it was definitely a day out that I needed. I got to be an adult, have adult beverages and sweat profusely in the Florida heat. It’s odd what staying cooped up in the air-conditioning for four weeks straight can do to you. I almost forgot how hot it was in the sunshine state during this time of year! Fear not…I was reminded.

After waking up at 5am for Brinlee’s feeding, I figured it was pointless going back to sleep since Mr. Fan Girl Mark wanted to get a head start on our road trip to Tampa for a college football game. Morning shower, a bit of makeup, followed by hungry baby, and finally getting dressed…we were out the door and on the road by 7am. We grabbed some Starbucks (Pumpkin Spice Latte…duh!), saw some beautiful hot air balloons watching the sunrise with us, then we arrived in Tampa once my caffeine kicked in. This was bound to be an epic football game and the anticipation had been building…especially for Mark.

You see, Mark graduated from USF and has green and gold flowing through his veins. I on the other hand went to some hoity-toity private college that did not have a football team…so I became a bulls fan and have been cheering for them for over nine years and counting. Its been an amazing experience attending these games with Mark and our closest friends. Lots of memories over the years and plenty more to make with our kiddos. I guess you can say we all bleed green and gold.

Once we arrived at our tailgating site, we set up the tents and began to mingle. We were out of the sun for the most part but the noon kick off was quickly approaching and I knew I needed to soak in this shade as long as I could. I was super surprised I even managed to have my hair down the entire time…that never happens! When we got inside the stadium it was packed. Luckily there were some clouds blocking the sun from time to time, but it was a brutal day to be outside.

Some people were getting heat stroke, Mark took the term ‘redneck’ very literally and my sweaty ass swass was in hyperdrive. We even left our seats to get some additional shade at half-time. Nothing like finding a spot underneath the stadium to sit on the concrete floor to find that the moment you stand back up you leave a perfectly round sweat stain on the ground. I left my mark indeed…even though our team lost the game in the end.

I was so happy to finally get home to our precious babies who enjoyed some quality time with their G’Pa and Nanna. They had some pool time, play time, food time, and poop time. Got to hear about the many blow outs both Brinlee and Mason relieved while we were gone.

I’m excited for this football season and taking our babes to the games. I’m definitely bringing our battery operated fans next time!


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