Mom Life

Four Weeks Have Flown By






Four weeks since Brinlee has come into this world! We’ve had our fair share of blow out diapers, midnight feedings, sleep deprivation, but also plenty of snuggles, kisses and precious memories.

The mom life may not always be glamorous, but I think that’s why it suits me so well. You won’t find me with perfect hair or perfect makeup taking a selfie to portray a picture perfect moment. Instead, you will find me with the poop stained sweatshirt, greasy hair bun and screaming children in the background.

I admire those moms out there who can get themselves together in order to look presentable when leaving the house. Me on the other hand…leggings, a large t-shirt, ponytail, and big thick sunglasses will do just fine. The glasses especially to cover up the stye I currently have taking over my left eye. I looked it up and hormonal changes can cause these painful enemies, but also hygiene. So yea…perhaps I need to find time to take a shower more regularly.

During these past few weeks Mason has been growing so much faster than I could have ever anticipated. His legs and feet get longer ever morning I pick him up to change his diaper. The potty training has not been going anywhere…partly due to me not doing anything with it, but our game plan is to have him ready by his second birthday. Fingers, legs and eyes are crossed. Luckily when he’s swimming he gets out of the pool to relieve himself…right on the back porch or in the grass. Good doggie!

Brinlee is now weighing over nine pounds! Her next appointment is Monday and I think they will be impressed with my cluster eater. I’m no longer breastfeeding, but she is happy and healthy and I did my best…so all you extreme breastfeeding advocates can just take a chill pill.

Speaking of chill, it’s officially Autumn! And since we live in Florida we are expecting some cooler weather by mid-January. Until then, I’ll turn the A/C down and layer up to pretend like we have seasonal changes. The only seasons I’m aware of are humid season, hurricane season and love bug season. In spite of all that though, you won’t find us living anywhere else. We’re raising our beach babes in the sunshine state!

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