Mom Life

Week Three Update


Brinlee is officially three weeks old!


Big Bro is 21 months tomorrow!

Been a little MIA from blogging due to poopy diaper blowouts, midnight feedings, as well as other bodily functions gone awry. Luckily everything is currently running smoothly and I’ve found some time and energy to type up a few updates.

Today marks three weeks! Our baby girl is an angel…who likes to projectile poop all over my hand when I decide to change her diaper at 2am, who also enjoys bath time but hates being cold, who loves snuggling, and also passes gas like a sailor. She’s been very colicky for the past week, but as long as we burp her she seems to get past the gas or she passes a lot of it. Mason has been beat by his little sister in the gassiest baby department.

Mason is still enjoying being the big bro and is very gentle with her for the most part. We had a little head bopping incident the other night where he thought it would be a perfect time to swat his sis on the noggin (right after we fed her and got her settled down), but it mostly startled her than actual pain being caused.

We’ve still been having lazy days filled with movie marathons and staying in PJs all day. Don’t worry I get in a shower every now and then, and Mason has his daily dip in the pool with either Mark or my parents. I’m glad he gets to have some fun outside. We’re trying to reinforce what he had learned from swimming lessons too.

So…for the most part I am still healing and nowhere near my pre-pregnancy weight, but I HAVE lost 20 pounds since being home. Most of it was water weight (among other things), but I continue to lose a little here and there since I’ve started incorporating other healthy meals in the mix.

My goal for the rest of September is to take it easy until I get clearance from my doctor. My next appointment is at the end of the month and I should find out if I can lift Mason more, possibly dip in the pool and begin exercise. I’m so ready to lace up my running shoes…and possibly purchase a new pair soon!

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