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This has been a wonderful week and a half! Not only did our beautiful daughter come into this world just twelve days ago, but getting to spend time together as a family of four has been such a blessing. I’ve enjoyed watching Mason continue to be his silly self while also being as sweet as usual. He has been very gentle with Brinlee and very curious with everything going on. Having Mark at home this whole time has been great as well. I’m sad he has to go back to work tomorrow, but we have made some amazing memories in this short time.

I cannot get over how much Brinlee reminds us of Mason when he was this age. Their temperaments are exactly the same. They are both laid back and Brinlee only cries when something is really bothering her…aka…dirty diaper or needing to be fed (same thing Mason did). It’s definitely been a nice transition. During Brinlee’s naps we spend time playing with Mason or watching a movie. I was so worried I wouldn’t have enough time for Mason during the day, but I still get in my snuggles. It seriously is amazing how your heart grows when you have another child. You never think you could offer additional love after having one baby, but when you have two babies you realize your heart was meant to love more and can offer more too.

Along with this week’s memories together, we’ve had some other fun times and visitors. Brinlee’s first official visitors was a friend of mine I’ve know since I was in high school and her daughter. They spent a good three hours gushing over Brinlee and catching up with us. Our sweet neighbor also came over and dropped off some gifts for Brinlee and Mason! Brinlee received two adorable dresses and socks, and Mason got a neat Spider Man bubble toy. I’m gonna have fun playing with it as much as Mason will (Spider Mom, Spider Mom…).

We’ve had some crazy weather since hurricane Hermine decided to make landfall last week. Luckily we didn’t lose power and we also got to watch College Game Day this past Saturday! Football season has arrived and it was so much fun dressing the kiddos into their game day gear.

I’ve had some speed bumps during my recovery, but all that goes away when I look into the eyes of our precious daughter. Everything was worth it and I’m soaking in every moment I have with Brinlee because they grow up so fast.


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