Big Brother Gift Bag







This week has been so nice soaking in being a family of four. We’ve had ourselves some lazy and relaxing days filled with movies, dance parties, arts & crafts, and the occasional doctor’s appointment to attend. Today also marks one full week with sweet baby Brinlee! One week of pure joy. One week of love. One week for big brother Mason.

We are so proud of Mason and how well he is adjusting to new baby sister. He gives her hugs, checks on her and continues to be his happy self. I can tell he’s getting some cabin fever because every chance he gets he grabs Mark’s or my hand and walks us to the back door because he wants to go swimming so bad. Mark takes him out often, but we’re mostly staying low key in order for me to recover. However, after my doctor’s appointment today, it was brought to my attention that I have not been relaxing as much as I should.

I feel better each day and enjoy helping Mark take care of the kiddos…but in reality my feet are swelling, my blood pressure is up and I haven’t taken a nap in a few days. Since I’ve been feeling so well I feel like I can handle more than my body can take. So from here on out I’m going to try and glue myself to the bed or couch.

So, yesterday we dug into Mason’s sibling bag with a bunch of different goodies Mark and I picked out. I came across the sibling bag idea from Pinterest and we had so much fun choosing what to get Mason. We got him three books, a coloring book, crayons, markers with sketch book, a light up bouncy ball, a tin box, as well as a NOW Disney music CD. We initially presented Mason with his gift in the hospital when he was meeting Brinlee for the first time. I was so excited to open it this week and really get in some fun doodling time.

He LOVES the markers, but they were making a pretty decent mess so luckily we had crayons for back up. He loves everything we got him and is mesmerized when he colors. All these goodies have come in handy during these rainy days and have given us some special time with Mason, aka…Big Bro!




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