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Time for Your Check Up






Today was Brinlee’s first pediatric check up. All her measurements were made and vitals were reviewed. She is a healthy baby girl weighing currently at 6 pounds 12 ounces. She was born at 7 lbs 3 oz, but it’s normal for a newborn (especially a c-section baby) to lose a few ounces in the first few days of life.

She is definitely eating plenty so there are no worries about that, but this breastfeeding situation has been a bit of a challenge this go around. She latches on great, but also associated me as a pacifier in the hospital…thus tenderness and a lot of soreness arrived. As a result, I’ve been pumping and supplementing these passed few days. Enfamil has been a great formula brand we’ve been using. We used it with Mason and couldn’t be happier.

I wish I could be the 100% breastfeeding mom, but if you could see my nipples right now you would want to avoid anything even looking at them to prevent soreness. OUCH! Anywho…enough about my nips.

Mason was such a cutie in the waiting room. He was getting a little antsy, but stayed near by. Once we got into the patient room, he had that all too familiar feeling and knew something was about to happen. Yep…he got a shot. He was due for his 18 month. He was initially distraught about the whole thing, until the doctor gave him a lollipop. What is it about a lollipop that makes everything at the doc’s office better.

So, after our morning appointment we ran a few errands…most of which included picking up junk food. We dropped by to pick up Brinlee’s birth certificate, drove through Chick-Fil-A (but were too late for breakfast *tear*), then Dunkin Donuts because I was craving breakfast, ha! Not a good idea to be stuck in the car for an hour while your pain medicine is wearing off. Lesson learned, but definitely worth it after I was done eating. Joy!

It’s been such a nice, lazy, rainy and cuddly day as a family of four!




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