Bringing Home Brinlee










I cannot believe how full our hearts are! This new stage of our lives is amazing and I’m still trying to process all the overwhelming emotions. I have been a bowl of mush when it comes to my kids. I stare at them both longer and take in their love. I was so worried about Mason not adapting to our newest arrival, but he has been such a champ. He watches us take care of Brinlee and attempts to help out by sharing his toys or just coming over to see what we’re doing. He has also been super loving towards us. Every chance he gets he tries to climb in my lap and leans in for kisses.

Our hospital stay was wonderful too. How many people can say that, ha! We had the best care and best food (YES!) that made our recovery that much more enjoyable. That first day was so exciting! We were thrilled to finally meet our Brinlee and to see Mason meet his sister as well. I was able to watch video of Mason seeing Mark holding Brinlee through the nursery glass and it was precious. Then when Mason came in our room, he was so excited to see me. He kept leaning forward to receive kisses and wanting to climb on my bed.

Then the best moment of all was when I was holding Brinlee in one arm and Mason in my other. Mason reached over to touch Brinlee’s fingers and tickled them. He would look at me afterwards and give me a huge smile. He’s so ready to be a big brother! I am beyond in love with these kiddos of ours.

Being home has been wonderful. We’ve spent some time with Mark’s parents before they headed home, my father came over to visit us and cook dinner, and our lazy afternoons have been spent snuggling and watching plenty of movies. Mason has been enjoying the extra cuddles and made his way into the pool this evening with Mark and my dad. Brinlee is cozy in her swing and blanket. She reminds me so much of Mason when he was a newborn. They have similar temperaments. That laid back, I’ll cry when I need something and snuggle temperament. It’s been amazing.

Recovery has seemed quicker this time around. I am still taking something for the pain when it returns, but for the most part I have been getting around smoothly and attempting to take is easy. There have been some speed bumps in the breast feeding department, as well as some expected constipation (TMI)…but we’re working through everything and enjoying every coo, blink and smile from Brinlee.



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