Brinlee’s Nursery Preview












I love going into Brinlee’s room and just looking through all her clothes. I’m also excited how it all came together. We have everything pretty much set up and most of the frames hung on the walls! Granted she’ll be in our room for the first few months, but that didn’t stop me from decorating.

We decided to purchase an IKEA crib this time around. It transitions into a toddler bed and was easy on our wallets. All the bedding we got at Pottery Barn because we just loved the quality. Ended up getting the same Harper brand as we did for Mason. The sheer window curtains and rod are from Target. I was looking everywhere for an affordable flowing look.

It’s been so much fun gathering little touches here and there to personalize the space. I hung a cross stitch my mom made for me and had in my nursery, a photo of a guardian angel I received after I was born, as well as my grandmother’s porcelain doll she left me after she passed. It’s these special items that make Brinlee’s room more precious.

It is going to be such an amazing week and I cannot believe we’re only a few days away! I just had my final doctor’s appointment this morning and confirmed all the details for Thursday when Brinlee arrives. We have to be at the hospital by 5:30am then I go in for my c-section at 7am. Soon after…Brinlee will be in our arms!

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