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Handmade Mobile for Nursery


I’ve been wanting to make Brinlee’s mobile for some time now and today I got all the tools necessary to get everything completed! Went over to the local Hobby Lobby and found yarn, along with a steel circle. I had some hemp yarn at home in order to create a dream catcher look with the circle.



Took some time, but I continued to wrap the hemp yarn around and create a fun design.


Next was creating the tassels. Just need yarn, scissors and something to wrap the yarn around. I had this stationary box and decided it would make the perfect size I was looking for.


At first I wrapped the yarn around 20 times, but decided to wrap 40 times for a thicker tassel.


Tie a double knot on top and cut the bottom.

Screen shot 2016-08-20 at 10.22.45 PM

Flip the knot within the yarn strands to create the left image, then tie additional yarn around to create a unique tassel. I decided on two ties for more detail. I then cut extra yarn and hid them within to have a clean finish.


I used the hanger from my son’s previous mobile. I hung each tassel with hemp and tied knots along the circle. Also used hemp to attach to the hanger. I did the final touches all while the mobile hung from the hanger to ensure everything was balanced. I also made each tassel a different length.


I enjoyed making this craft and was excited how it turned out! I hope Brinlee likes it too!


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