The Four of Us: Maternity Photos
















Last time we did a maternity photo shoot we hired a photographer and she captured some amazing moments. This time around we’re saving on money and my father was the one that captured these precious moments for us. We went out to my parent’s property yesterday and the end results were priceless! It was definitely a hot summer day, but luckily there was plenty of shade.

There were some photos we attempted from Pinterest, but of corse nothing looks exactly like they do on Pinterest…especially when your toddler gets distracted with leaves and sticks. But nothing beats candid shots we can look back on, as well as all the memories from the day.

After the photos were complete we took a trip to the local Target. We gathered some goodies to put together for Mason’s sibling bag we’ll be presenting to him when he comes to the hospital to meet Brinlee! It was so much fun to pick out a bunch of little things to surprise him with. Meeting day is just around the corner and we are too excited!

Brinlee has really been moving around a lot! I think she’s ready just as much as we are. I’ve noticed I’m more nimble and have more energy then when I was at this point with Mason, but that could be because Mason was weighing in at almost 10 lbs. Brinlee is predicted to be around 7 lbs or so. My mother still thinks she’ll be around 8 lbs…all bets are in.

We’re counting down the days and cannot believe the time is just around the corner.


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