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Less Than TWO WEEKS!







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Been busy for the past few days getting things cleaned and organized in preparation for Brinlee’s arrival…aka…I am officially in nesting mode! I have been attempting to keep our house clean and been successful in some rooms, but it’s hard to clean when you have a toddler behind you knocking things down. I was so close to literally pulling my hair out the other day because every time I would have a space clean, Mason would be right there undoing everything. And some people wonder why I can’t keep my house spotless…ta-da!

I do have to say I’ve been feeling oober productive. Laundry is almost complete, I’ve vacuumed every inch of the carpet at least twice, and the pack n play and newborn necessities are set up in our room! I also have my hospital bag pretty much all packed and ready to go. I’m planning to write a separate blog post to focus on what to bring to the hospital and comfy clothes is definitely at the top of the list.

It’s so exciting to see everything set up in our room. It brings me back to when Mason was sleeping in our room and in just a few more days Brinlee will be keeping us company. I feel like I need to keep pinching myself that we’ll be holding our baby girl soon. It’s going to be surreal to see Mason with his little sister too!

In other news, I had another OB/GYN appointment Thursday. It was with the brand new doctor since I saw her last time. I’ve been hopping back and forth between her and my other new doctor to make sure everyone is on the same page. It was just a routine check-up and to monitor Brinlee’s heartbeat. All is well and just one more visit to the doc’s before delivery!

Yesterday was another exciting day. Mark’s company threw him a surprise baby shower and got us a BUNCH of adorable goodies. Someone even made a diaper wreath! It seriously feels like just yesterday they were throwing us our first baby shower for Mason. They have definitely spoiled us.

It’s been incredible how fast this pregnancy has gone, yet these next few days can’t move any slower than they already are. I just want to hold our baby girl and have that newborn smell near by. I am fully aware that I won’t be getting any sleep, but I’m so ready to get into the routine again and start our lives all together as a family of four!

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