National Book Lovers Day






I compare reading to exercising. When I’m on a roll I’m unstoppable, but then I’ll get distracted and lose track of my routine for a while. I read about three books within the month of January, but since then I haven’t gotten my rhythm back…until now!

I’ve recently been pillaging through the third novel of the Lunar Chronicles series and have been enjoying all the free reading time. I’m hoping to finish my current book then jump over to one more before I’m distracted with Brinlee. I’m hoping she’ll be a good napper like Mason was and I can get in more reading during her down time, but I’m sure my momma insomnia will prevent me from wanting to do anything else but sleep, ha!

Mason loves to read too. He’s currently into flipping pages as fast as he can to look at the pictures, but also enjoys when someone reads him the story. He will listen for a bit then get distracted by the next fun toy or book laying close by. We try to read to him every day or whenever we can.

I’m a sucker for mystery, suspense and action adventure stories. Anyone know of any good novels you would recommend? Send the titles my way!

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