2016 Summer Olympics and Swim Lessons



I LOVE Summer Olympics! There’s so much to keep up with though…I hope I have the good ones recorded. Swimming, Gymnastics, Track and Rowing are my all time favorites! Swimming because I always wished I participated on a swim team, gymnastics because it is amazing to watch, track because I hope one day to have that much endurance, and rowing because that’s what I competed in during my high school years.

It’s incredible to watch all these athletes compete. Makes me look bad when I have my pregnant belly hanging out while lounging on the couch with some form of crappy food in my hand. Thanks Olympic athletes for making me feel fatter than I already am, ha! Joking aside…I am so impressed with anyone who participates in the Olympics. It’s amazing to see what the human body is capable of.

And that table tennis! I totally thought Mark was an impressive Ping-Pong player until I watched the games last night. I’m lucky if I can get the darn ball over the net.

Speaking of Olympic swimming and stuff…this is officially Mason’s last week of swim lessons. This is his seventh week and Wednesday he’ll be graduating! The swim instructor wanted to add on another week so we can get him in his clothes again for the survival test, but other than that he has been doing so good and is such a water baby.

Tonight’s lesson was at 7pm and he did just as we expected…great! He’s still working on his floating, but we were so proud of him today and so was our swim instructor. Can’t wait to celebrate Wednesday!

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