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Turning Twenty-Nine










Yesterday was such an amazing birthday! I wasn’t even thinking it was my birthday, but rather a beautiful day spent with my family. We ran errands, ate some delicious food and spent the evening organizing Brinlee’s nursery. Just getting more and more excited for her arrival.

My morning started at an unexpected time…I woke up a little before 3am for one of my nightly visits to the bathroom and I couldn’t go back to sleep. May the pregnancy insomnia commence! I ended up staying awake from 3am to 5:30am reading a book. Happy birthday indeed, ha! Luckily I was able to go back to sleep until I woke up at 8:15 in the morning to the smell of coffee and french toast my hubby made. YUM!

From there I opened some adorable gifts and we prepared for our day out on the town. First stop, Red Robin for lunch! Ya’ll gotta enjoy one of their burgers and you MUST order a hot fudge sundae! Mason ate him some good grub too! After that it was Target time to pick up more items for Brinlee’s nursery. There are too many cute things to choose from. We love the Pillowfort children’s decor and ended up getting a good amount of peach, coral and pink items!

Then it was off to IKEA to purchase the eight box shelves for organizing Brinlee’s closet! We were out and about for five hours having a blast and Mason was just happy as a clam. He enjoyed some much needed naps in the car rides too. I love that we can take him anywhere. We try to avoid peak nap time hours, but even if he is getting tired there’s many tricks to keep him distracted from how tired he is. Basically making ourselves look silly to entertain him.

Once we got back home my mom was just arriving while my dad was picking up groceries for dinner. My parents came over to cook one of my favorite meals…Reuben sandwiches and peach cobbler! Why have cake when you can stuff your face with this warm deliciousness and ice cream. Da Bomb! My belly was about to burst, but it was so worth it. The rest of the night I got Brinlee’s clothes organized and attempted to clean what I could. There’s still a bunch a cute touches to complete, but it is definitely coming together.

I feel so blessed to have such an amazing husband and family who spoils me every chance they get. Mason was also precious and gave me so much joy on my birthday, as he always does every day. Feeling excited to be twenty-nine and looking forward to the many adventures I have before me.

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