Mom Life

Happy Birthday Eve to Me


Throwback to last year’s 28th birthday celebration!

Tomorrow I will be 29 years old…eek! Where has the time gone? I still feel like I’m supposed to be getting up early to go to school or something. It seriously feels like it should be 1990-something. I mean c’mon, best decade ever! I favor 80s music, but those 90s shows and cartoons were da bomb!

So…what does one do during their 29th year? To be honest it’s bittersweet to soon be leaving my 20s, but I am so ready for my 30s! I feel like those will be my best years yet. My 20s involved stressing throughout college, but also meeting the man of my dreams and getting married at the age of 22. Basically my husband was there throughout my party years, poor guy.

But now that I’m a mom I feel such a different form of happiness. My 30s are going to involve watching my children grow and begin school, hopefully lose some weight, go on many adventures with my hubs, and perhaps purchase my first lotto ticket, ha!

Wondering if I should make a bucket list…Things to Do Before Turning Thirty! I’ll look into that. For now…I’m going to enjoy a day with my Hubby and Mason tomorrow and get some things for Brinlee’s nursery.

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