National Watermelon Day



First time tasting watermelon! Mason was 6 months old.



Round 2 of watermelon growing attempt.




Today is National Watermelon Day! What better way to spend it then showing off some throwbacks of Mason’s first time trying watermelon, showcasing our growing melon in the backyard, painting my belly, and definitely eating some delicious fruit!

The watermelon growing in our backyard came from the seeds in the watermelons we ate in the first photos! They come and go depending on our pest infestation and unfortunately this one looks like it was attacked. There is always next time…fingers crossed.

Speaking of watermelon, I’m definitely feeling like a ripe one about now. The 39th week cannot come sooner. Just yesterday we went to an OB/GYN appointment and got an update on our growing baby girl. She’s weighing in at 5 pounds, 14 ounces and predicted to be around 7 pounds. Her heartbeat is at 145 bpm and she’s finally head down! That explains all her movement yesterday too because I think that’s when she flipped.

The countdown continues, but in the meantime Happy Watermelon Day! Enjoy!

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