Mom Life

What It Means to Be in the Mom’s Club



I feel accomplished today! Got some work done and went to the hospital to pre-register for Brinlee’s arrival! It was a smooth process and I’m so happy I won’t have to worry about any paperwork the morning of my c-section.

I arrived at the hospital office to pre-register and didn’t end up waiting long at all (if you can sneak over during lunch, that’s the time to go). A lady was helping me, but she didn’t give off that warm/friendly vibe at first…that was until I started talking to her and asking her questions about herself. I’m a pretty good read on people and I noticed this woman had a lot on her mind.

I found out she was Jamaican and lived in New York until she was a teenager. Moved to Florida while in the midst of a relationship which she soon ended while here, but she knew God brought her to Florida for a reason. She told me she had a daughter who was in nursing school and lite up when talking about her. She shared the moments she was working as a single mom while going to school and how hard it was, but how she persevered through it all.

I love being wrong about first impressions. I love having people open up to me because perhaps it’s what they need in that moment. I felt like I just gave this woman comfort today and in return she gave me some motherly advice. This woman was beautiful inside and out. She told me in today’s society you have to show your child love, but also give them the right amount of discipline. Your children will grow to love you more for it.

She told me that her daughter, just today, thanked her for being such a great mom. For loving her, while also giving her discipline she needed. This is what it means to be in the Mom’s Club: Two strangers sharing their love for their children and reaching out hands to one another for comfort and genuine advice. She seriously just made my day and I hope I made her day a little brighter too.

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