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The Bump Report: 35 Weeks

Bump - 35 Weeks

It’s the home stretch…with the emphasis on stretch! Stretching stomach, stretch marks, lack of stretching, you name it. I remember my pregnancy with Mason being so easy and carefree. I was literally that annoying mom saying how awesome I feel (with the exception of swelling up like a balloon), but I felt completely at ease with my body’s transformation.

But now…baby #2…my precious baby girl…you are giving me a run for my money. This passed week I started feeling nauseous again, I’m getting up more times in the night to use the bathroom, I’m more uncomfortable, and this bloody heat outside is not helping. I am not a complainer. You will find me passed out somewhere before I verbalize anything (unless you are my husband, then you hear about everything…truth). It’s just crazy how different I feel during this pregnancy.

I’m so ready for Brinlee to be here and to not be pregnant anymore. I’m ready to snuggle with our little girl and not feel so…blah. I want to feel happy and not what I’ve been feeling recently. I mean c’mon hormones…give me a break! My poor husband, ha!

Thankfully we only have a month left until our angel arrives. Just one more month until I can start feeling a little back to normal. I love you so much Brinlee…but could you turn down the hormonal episodes and nausea for me a bit…k thanks!

4 thoughts on “The Bump Report: 35 Weeks

  1. This has made me slightly concerned my pregnancy was like your first. Does that mean I’m in for trouble if I have another one lol. Who knows I have been told many of times 2 children are never the same. Hope all goes well 😊 xx


    1. Hehe! Thank you! Just remember everyone and every pregnancy is different. If you find that your second pregnancy is rough just keep remembering its all worth it…that’s what I keep saying, hehe! The second pregnancy goes by so much faster too! ❤

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  2. Oh, I remember when I had about 2 months left. Time went sooo slow, I just couldn’t wait to be normal again. By the time I was 35 weeks, I had enough of the big belly already :P. I didn’t feel nauseous or anything like that, but just by carrying that big belly around all day and struggling to sleep all night .. Oh God, I feel you! Hope you have an easy labour 🙂


    1. Thanks Girl! Yaaas! The big belly is running the show these passed few weeks, ha! I’m definitely counting down the days! This pregnancy as a whole has gone by fast, but these last few weeks are dragging. Thank you for the good vibes! I go in for my c-section Aug 25th, unless she decides to arrive earlier; which I am all for, hehe! 🙂


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