Teepee Tuesday






We finally have an afternoon without rain! What!? It was finally time to bring the teepee outside for some fun. It normally stays inside in the playroom, but I wanted to do something different for Mason and see what he thought about exploring in the backyard. The result…he played a little, then he was off and ready to jump in the pool, ha!

He loves his teepee from Tnee Tpee! We set it up in the playroom and you’ll always find him running right for it to hide from us. There have already been so many fun memories with it and so much more to come. I just envision as he gets older sitting underneath with a bunch of pillows and reading a book. Also, sharing some quality time with his sister playing hide-n-seek.

There are so many adorable designs offered and we definitely had to get this one because it was called The Mason Teepee! They switch out fabrics all the time, so I guess I’ll need to wait for the Brinlee to be created, ha! However, there are some really cute doll teepees too. We’re going to need to get Brinlee one for her dolls in the future…for sure!

So before all this fun outside occurred, we enjoyed a yummy dinner with my parents (as we usually plan every Tuesday). My father made his famous reuben sandwiches which has become one of my favorite meals! I think I talk about these all the time and I’m pretty sure Brinlee is a fan. I’ve been eating these throughout my pregnancy and each one my dad cooks gets better and better.

Nothing better than to eat a favorite meal, enjoy some teepee fun and jump in the pool! Hope you all had a blessed Tuesday too!


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