Mason 7-9 Months





Today marks Week 7 and the final week of swim lessons! Our 19-month old baby boy is doing great and should be graduating this Wednesday! I cannot believe we’ve been going to lessons for almost two months now and it has been amazing to see his progress.

Mark and I got into the pool at today’s lesson. Mason was so excited he started acting hyper and not listening too well. However, our swim instructor made him work and Mason proved to us that he is capable of floating on his own when he needs to. It was amazing to see how far he has come. I cannot wait to see what he does tomorrow and Wednesday. We’ll have to take him out to celebrate!

To highlight our baby boy’s achievement (and since I missed his 19 month mark on our baby shower day) I wanted to have a flashback on his time as a 7-9 month old! He celebrated his first Fourth of July, had some beach trips, enjoyed his first college football game, and had a great time road tripping to Georgia for a family get together and wedding.


Mason rocking that Independence Day outfit!

Screen shot 2016-07-25 at 8.29.54 PM



2015 Fourth of July – Family Reunion

Screen shot 2016-07-25 at 8.32.04 PM

Celebrating my 28th birthday – Beach Day!


He loved this bouncer when he was 8 months old!



Screen shot 2016-07-25 at 8.33.34 PM

First USF Football Game Day!


Screen shot 2016-07-25 at 8.35.00 PM

Road trip to Georgia!


So many great memories!

Mason is such a sweet boy and loves sharing toys and food with everyone. He has also been interested in helping with dishes every time we load or unload the dishwasher…I’ll be sure to add that to his chores list, ha! He loves playing outside and gathering leaves and sticks, but on his down time he enjoys his favorite movies: Big Hero 6, Toy Story 3, Hook, Rise of the Guardians, the newest Cinderella, and Disney’s Christmas Carol.

He loves mac n cheese, pizza, hotdogs, and fries (no worries, we attempt to feed him plenty of fruits and veggies too). Always ready for his bottle of milk in the morning, after nap time and before bed. Bath time is among his favorite activities, as well as swimming.

Just a few more weeks until he’s a big brother! And what a great brother he will be!

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