Farmer’s Market Splash Pad









My nieces drove back home today and I was happy to reflect on the rest of this week’s good times. We caught up on our conversations, did some shopping at the mall, dined at the local sushi restaurant we go to every time they’re in town, had a movie night with lots of candy, enjoyed the pool, and stopped by the local farmer’s market for some splash pad fun! I love when they’re in town and I miss them already.

Yesterday we met up with my parents at the farmer’s market to enjoy the splash pad, as well as check out the booths. I’m noticing that there aren’t as many booths set up as in the Spring or Fall. I’m pretty sure its because it has been so uncontrollably hot outside. Mason had a great time at the splash pad, but it still wasn’t enough to cool us off. We were so ready to get into the nearest A/C and head home to jump in our pool. This pregnancy and summer is starting to wear on me too.

Plus, whenever and wherever we go, Mason tends to run around and pick up the most sticks and leaves he can find. I’m going to need to take this boy camping when it cools down because he LOVES the outdoors and dirt and sticks and anything in that category. So needless to say, with the combination of heat and Mason running around, we headed home to our pool for the rest of the day.

Mason is in his element when we go swimming. He is so good at holding his breath and definitely tries to show off how well he think he can do. We’re still working on his floating and flipping over at home, but he does so good at his lessons. I’m starting to think he associates fun time and acting silly with us, but then is on his best behavior with the swim instructor. We’re gonna see how this last week goes and hopefully we’ll feel confident enough to end lessons…for now. I’m sure we’ll revisit in the future.

I hope everyone else is staying cool during this summer. Me…well a combination of Florida heat, humidity and pregnancy is sure not helping. Luckily there’s only a few more weeks until Brinlee’s arrival!




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