My Sweet Nieces















It is always such a blessing when my nieces come to visit! They’ve stayed with us during the summer since they were just babies and now they have blossomed into beautiful young ladies. I wish they could always stay young, but the reality is time ticks and goes by way too fast. I truly adore my nieces and love the relationship I have with them. I may be the cool aunt, but I always try to be a listening ear or shoulder to cry on whenever they need it.

As the visits come and go I realize that what was once trips to Disney World has become so much more meaningful. Late nights sharing stories, giving encouraging advice, swapping stylish insight, and always what the current playlist is on the radio. These girls know every word to every song imaginable…and I thought I knew music. It’s so surreal to no longer look at them as the little kids they used to be.

It’s also amazing to see them with Mason! It warms my heart every time they snuggle with him or he gives them kisses before bed. They’ve been here since our baby shower and Mason just shines with happiness when they’re around. We just love them so much!

So far this week they went to visit their great-grandfather, watched a scary movie with us, attended Mason’s swim lessons, shopped with Nanna during a rain storm, enjoyed Taco Tuesday, ate some delicious meals and frozen yogurt, and went on some sightseeing adventures. There’s many more fun activities planned for the rest of the week, but I’m dreading Sunday when they have to go back home. North Carolina is so close yet too far away!

Hannah & Kristen,

You are both not only beautiful on the outside, but gorgeous on the inside. It has been and continues to be an honor being your aunt. I have been able to watch you both grow into amazing people and love your positive outlook on everything. I know there have been hard times, but that just means there are much more beautiful moments ahead. I cannot wait to see what other stories you have to share and will always be here for any crazy advice or encouragement. Love you both to pieces! Aunt Stephies

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