Baby Shower for Baby Girl




Photo Booth






Yesterday was such an amazing day celebrating the upcoming arrival of our baby girl! I cannot believe it’s already come and gone. We were so overwhelmed with love from family and friends, as well as adorable outfits. What is it about baby girl showers and all the cute new outfits? I don’t have to shop for clothes for the first year! Brinlee is all set and she is going to look so cute!

The day started off early since we got a jumpstart on cleaning and final decorating touches. I went for a floral theme with hints of pink and gold. The photo booth turned out great too, but unfortunately we were so busy we hardly got anyone’s photos taken. I felt like it was our wedding day all over again. Yano…when you make your rounds talking to everyone and then forget to eat. Yea…that happened. Luckily Mark and I ordered pizza for dinner and I was able to stuff my face then.

It was so nice to see everyone from near and far come together on this special day! My sister and nieces drove in from North Carolina the night before. It was great having them, especially since both of my teenage nieces are staying for the entire week! Hooray!

I loved seeing all the kiddos playing together and having a good time. Mason was a bit overwhelmed after his nap since there were so many people when he just woke up. He got so shook up that he drank his milk and then threw it up all over my dad. Yea…can’t guarantee a nice clean event when there are children in the house, ha! But, after a while Mason was able to calm down and enjoyed the party as much as we did.

I wore my Roolee floral dress for the first time and it was so comfy! Seriously my new favorite store! Love all the pretty maxi dresses and other boutique designs. Also, Mark was sporting his new shirt I got him for Father’s day! He is definitely the best ‘ninja’ and father in the land.

What a day! I’m still digesting all the cuteness and clothes and love!

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