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Tissue Paper Flowers

It has been raining for the passed few days and I havenโ€™t been able to accomplish what I wanted for my posts, so luckily tonight’s post presents an indoor craft project for our baby shower this weekend.

Holy Moly! I cannot believe our baby shower is this Saturday! This party really snuck up on me, but we are so excited to celebrate! Tonight I worked on a few tissue paper flowers for a backdrop I’m making for a photo booth. I love creating photo booth areas so I can capture everyone when they arrive! I did a photo booth for Mason’s birthday and cannot wait to see how this one turns out.

What I used to create the flowers:

Tissue Paper, Cup, Pencil, Scissors, Paper Clip, Mini Scissors, and Ribbon.


FIRST: I cut extra tissue paper off that would get in the way of cutting out the circles, then I folded the paper back to how it was originally packaged. I used a plastic cup from the kitchen cabinet to trace the circles with a pencil. The cup created circles measured at 3.5 inches in diameter.


Here you’ll see the stack of circles after cutting both sections out.


NEXT: I punctured two holes in the middle of the stack of circles with a pair of mini scissors (yes these scissors are from my makeup drawer. I’m sure there are other puncturing utensils you can use, but these worked best when making the mini holes a bit bigger). I stuck a paper clip through the stack to keep them all in place.

With the paper clip still in place, I took the scissors and made the holes a little wider for the ribbon to fit through.

Top and Bottom Flowers

NEXT: Continuing to keep the paper clip in place, I thread the ribbon through the holes. I twisted the ends of the ribbon in order to fit them through.

The photo above shows what the top and bottom of the flower looks like before folding begins. I ended up cutting the extra ribbon from the bottom just to get the excess out of the way.


FINAL STEPS: Commence folding and crinkling. It’s best to do this with each layer of tissue paper.


Here’s the flower almost complete. Just a few more layers to crinkle.


TA-DA! Crinkled tissue paper flowers! I’m so excited to get more of these made and finish up the photo booth backdrop! Come back Saturday to see the finished result!


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