Weekend House Projects









As you might have noticed by my previous posts, Mark’s father was in town this passed weekend. We enjoyed some good times outside and kept busy with many house projects. If I had half the energy of my father-in-law then there would be so much stuff I could get done, but in the meantime I’ll be maintaining my sluggish preggo state.

Friday was so much fun at Leu Gardens, then we met up with Mark for lunch. Right after that Daddy Glenn and I ran over to Home Depot to get some plants and another pot for our front yard. He didn’t hesitate and once we got home he planted everything! It looks great! Just in time for our upcoming baby shower too. He also made us a drain for our backyard for when it rains, mowed the grass and filled in some cracks on our patio.

Saturday we visited a local farmers market and brewery. It was so hot, but that didn’t stop Mark and his dad from additional projects when we got back home. We stopped at a few stores to pick up curtains for Brinlee’s room. OH…they look so pretty!! They hung the curtains, some photos in the guest room and hallway, and continued some outside yard work. Mark grilled some yummy burgers and we relaxed for the remainder of the night.

Yesterday Mark and his dad got up early to play tennis while Mason and I slept in. They came back drenched in sweat, but jumped in the pool and started on some more projects outside. I seriously don’t know what battery charger they use for their endurance…I’m gonna need one for myself. Before Mason’s afternoon nap Mark and Daddy Glenn took him to the nearby splash pad for some fun. I stayed home to get some indoor cleaning completed. Not gonna lie…I felt pretty accomplished. When they returned we ate some lunch, but they were back at it again. Watching them work so much made me tired, so Mason and I went down for a nap, ha!

It was so nice to spend quality time with my father-in-law, especially seeing him and Mason together. It was also nice to get so much done around the house. It was like we had our own live-in grounds keeper. Everything looks so nice and I can’t wait to show off all the pretty flowers at our baby shower!

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