Summertime at the Farmer’s Market




Hot Mason






Holy Moly summer could you try not to fry us! This summer heat has been intense and for the passed two days we’ve been outdoors to get a good feel of its wrath. I was born and raised in Florida and I can’t tell if this is the hottest summer because we’ve been outside more or if I should blame it on my pregnancy. If you see me outside and find a puddle beneath be, please don’t be alarmed…my water didn’t break, I’m just melting.

Besides the evident heat, this was a fun day spent at a local farmer’s market. Daddy Glenn bought some peaches and a huge watermelon. Also, Mark and I realized how awesome the produce is at a farmer’s market and decided next time we need to load up. We’ll be bringing bags upon bags upon bags! I mean seriously, grocery stores got nothing on the produce seen here.

While admiring the fruit and vegetables, Mason was running everywhere! As you can see in his photos he worked up a good sweat and rosey cheeks. He also made friends with an adorable boy who is turning two years old tomorrow. They were running to each other and sharing their toys, then running away. I love seeing Mason interact with other kiddos. Makes me that much more excited about Brinlee getting here!

After the market we walked back to our car and hung out at the Crooked Can for lunch. This local brewery has some yummy beer (that I was of course unable to partake in…tear), as well as some yummy food and vendors inside. I enjoyed a salad with popcorn chicken and their delicious dill ranch dressing! I also couldn’t leave without purchasing some macaroons. I think it’s becoming a tradition…I ain’t mad about it though.


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