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A Fender Bender Reaction


The drive home from this afternoon’s swim lesson with my mom and Mason was interrupted by a fender bender. I was at a stop sign waiting for passing traffic, when all of a sudden BOOM! My initial response was to curse at the stirring wheel then I hopped out to check and see if the driver was ok. He felt awful about the whole thing.

Getting back into the car was a different story. I began to shake and sob uncontrollably. So much that my mom switched to the drivers seat in order to pull over into a nearby parking lot and exchange information with the gentleman who hit us. It took some time for me to finally calm down. Luckily Mason thought I was laughing and began to giggle at me in response.

It was very strange that just moments before the accident my mom and I were talking about how people who experience a traumatic event sometimes revert back to that moment years later. It could be a place or song that triggers a response, but I just experienced what we were talking about.

In 2012, Mark and I were in a really bad car accident. It was the night before my 25th birthday and we were meeting some friends at a local bar to celebrate. We were stopped at a red light when we were hit from behind. We were in Mark’s old two-door civic and the man driving was going 55 mph when he hit us. I remember smells and everything moving in slow motion. Mark and I both passed out from the impact. Luckily no one was in the backseat or else they would not have survived.

So here I am 4 years later and I had a reaction. It wasn’t that this fender bender was intense, but it took me off guard and made a similar sound I remember from my previous accident. That loud sound of impact is what brought me back to a moment years ago. I was also thinking about Mason and how this could’ve been so much worse than it was. I’m lucky to have a happy child whose response was to laugh at his crying mother instead of going into panic himself.

I’m feeling very grateful, lucky, blessed, and overwhelmed all at once. I wasn’t sure what photos to place within this post, so a pretty flower arrangement from a few years back will have to do.

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