Mom Life

Brinlee in 4D




As Brinlee’s birth date gets closer and closer, Mark and I begin to picture what she will look like. Will she have my eyes or Mark’s nose? Will she look just like Mason? It was just our luck that some of those questions were answered after our appointment yesterday!

I never had an urge to get a 4D ultrasound, but my new doctor’s office has it automatically scheduled! We saw Brinlee moving all around to avoid the ultrasound technician, but we were able to sneak a peek at a few side profiles, as well as a precious close up of her face. She has similar features as Mason!

She has this cute button nose and adorable little cheeks. We also got to see a full head of hair! I guess that ole wives tale about hair growing when the expected mom gets heart burns was false because no heart burns here…yet.

Yesterday’s appointment was so much better than the first time with our new doctor. He was much more engaged in our conversation and made us feel more at ease. I know we made the right decision in staying closer to home for delivery. I couldn’t imagine traveling over two hours to our previous doctor to then stay at a hotel, then hospital, back at the hotel with a newborn, and drive the two-hour drive back home (after a c-section).

I remember my first delivery with Mason, all I wanted to do was get home as soon as possible. Yes the hospital took great care of me, but there’s nothing better than to be home and sleep in your own bed without being bothered by vital check-ups.

I’m getting more and more excited for Brinlee’s arrival! I’m also going to be thrilled not to be pregnant anymore. No offense to our precious baby girl, but being pregnant twice in less than three years is rough. If we were to plan for a third child there’s going to be some long needed time in between.

But after all the first trimester nausea, the aches and pains, the restless legs, the interrupted night sleeps, the night sweats, the stretching, and the constant needing to pee…ALL WORTH IT!! Brinlee…I just don’t think you know how much your father and I (and brother and family) already love and adore you!

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