Siesta Key Sunrise

















The bump made its appearance at Siesta Key!

We’re visiting Mark’s parents this weekend for the Fourth of July holiday and what a beautiful day it was today! Mark, Mason and I left home a little after 6am this morning to meet up at the beach by 8am…and what a great plan that was because before you knew it the beach was full. We found a perfect parking spot, loaded our beach cart and followed Daddy Glenn down to where Momma was waiting for us.

Siesta Key is rated one of the top beaches in America, let alone in Florida! You’ll notice its awesomeness the moment your feet hit the powdery sand. The water temperature was ideal, there was a constant breeze in the air and we made some wonderful memories!

Mason’s favorite moments were playing with some seaweed, jumping over the waves, floating on the raft, and having Mark chase him all over the beach. Round 2 for Mark while I’m still milking my pregnancy card. But I have a feeling once Brinlee gets here we’ll both be chasing them all over the place. I admit…I’m pretty excited about it!

We were quite patriotic today! Mason loved waving around his American flags and supporting the red, white and blue. This kid…I seriously won’t ever get tired of saying this, but he is amazing and makes our smiles bigger every day.

Mark and I were definitely feeling blessed! Not only do we have an amazing son and daughter on the way; but also my in-laws are the greatest. This was definitely a wonderful day spent together. God Bless America and our family!

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