Playground Before the Storm














I am 31 weeks along in my pregnancy today! Brinlee is moving around so much and I’m bonding with her every chance I get. Just the other day I started to cry because I’m anticipating her arrival more than ever. I cannot wait to see what she will look like and cuddle with her those first few hours we meet.

There’s a small part of me that feels guilty. The guilt comes from the upcoming reality that Mason will no longer be the only child. I know my heart will be able to grow by one more, but it’s hard to imagine life any other way then it has been these passed 18 months. I hope Mason doesn’t think I’m upset with him after Brinlee arrives since I won’t be able to be my silly mom self until I’m all healed up. There will be a lot of changes, but like anything else we’ll be able to adjust. Lots of adjusting, but a whole lot of love to experience.


Tonight we all strolled over to the neighborhood playground to have some run around time after dinner. It’s amazing that the last time we were here Mason needed assistance down the slide, but today he was climbing up the stairs himself and sliding down like he’s been doing it for years. He’s growing up so fast! And that smile…melts my heart every time.

We were lucky enough to get in about 20 minutes of playtime since a lightning storm was approaching fast. It is definitely summer time here in the sunshine state. Beautiful day followed by those good ole afternoon showers. Just a heads up…if you’re planning a vacation to Florida in the summer, just be prepared to start your day early so you can be back at your hotel by 2 or 3 pm before the showers roll in.


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