Shark Week, Toddler Style










Nothing better to celebrate some Shark Week than to find a bunch of shark themed clothing Mason has and make sure he sports it! Swim trunks for swim lessons…check. Shark outfit for afterward swim lessons…check. Shark sweatshirt just because…check.

I feel like I’ve accomplished a lot today, ha!

Tonight’s swim lesson kicks off week three, as well as Mark’s first time in the pool with Mason. Mark and I were passing him back and forth in the water, but Mark definitely won the gold star for best instructor. I’m still trying to catch on…I blame it on my belly being in the way.

Mason was having too much fun at tonight’s lesson. He did not cry once and was giggling the entire time. It’s adorable for him to go under water and then pop up with a huge smile on his face! We’re so happy he’s not only learning to swim, but having fun with it too.

Happy Shark Week, from our jaws to yours!

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