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Toddler Splash Project












Just a few days ago a dear friend of mine sent me a link to a YouTube video. What I saw was not only an awesome idea, but something I knew Mason would like right away! I ended up sending the link over to my husband and that same night Mark picked up all the tools needed.

He purchased 20 feet of PVC pipe, elbow connectors, T connectors, a large plastic bin (40 quarts), and a PVC pipe cutter! Here’s the original video we followed to set up the water table!

Where you see the lady mention four 16 inch PVC pipes, we decided to make them 18 inches since Mason is so tall and can allow him to grow with the table as he gets older. The end result was perfect!

Mason was taking his afternoon nap while Mark and I put everything together. It literally took less than 30 minutes to complete! By the time we were done we contemplated waking Mason up because we were so excited to see his reaction.

As you can see by the photos we couldn’t wait to show Mason. He literally woke up and we brought him outside with everything already set up. Yea…no swim suit here. Just a no pants Sunday kind of a day. That happens a lot around here.

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