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This morning we had the entire beach to ourselves! We were able to drag out of bed by 5:45am, pick up my parents a quarter after seven, then arrive at Cocoa Beach by 8:30am. There was barely anyone around, but as the day went on lots of people started to arrive. It was beautiful to be on the east coast while the sun was still rising. Gave us some pretty light to work with when taking maternity photos as well. Score!

Today we celebrated my mother’s upcoming birthday. She’ll be turning 58 years young on Tuesday and soaking in some sun seemed like a perfect plan. Mostly I stayed in the shade while we all watched Mark chase Mason around the entire beach. Poor Marky…not only did he cover a lot of ground running after our sweet boy, but I’ll definitely be needing to apply some aloe on his back this evening. I guess when you’re preoccupied with a toddler you tend to forget to reapply your sunscreen. Ouch!

Today is also my niece’s 15th birthday! What!? She lives in North Carolina and we were able to FaceTime with her on our way home. She has grown into such an amazing young lady. Where has the time gone? I remember all the times she and my other niece would come to visit us in the summer time. Each year there would be something new and grown up about them. Kids these days, they just can’t seem to stay little anymore. Tear!

If you’re ever in the area, Cocoa Beach is a great beach to visit! Specifically Jetty Park! There’s a parking cover of $15 unless you’re a Brevard County resident, but it’s so worth it. Plenty of parking, changing and bathroom facilities, a playground (which we have yet to check out), and remote access away from most of the busy sections of Cocoa Beach. Also, be sure to check out the nearby restaurants. We normally grab a bite at Fish Lips, but today we checked out Milliken’s Reef! Yummy oysters and crab cakes and fritters and sweet potato fries! I was one happy preggo lady!

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