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A Week in Review

Bump - 30 Weeks

This passed week…


The beginning of Mason’s second week of swim lessons and he has definitely shown improvement. Mark goes to the Monday evening lessons and records our baby boy’s progress on video. He’s starting to hold his breath longer and turns his head in hopes to flip to his back (a little more practice with this and it’s game on). Mason still cries once we arrive to the pool area in anticipation of the workout he’s about to endure, but I’m sure this will wear off soon. Fingers crossed!


Mark and I had our first visit with our new OB/GYN. I was so nervous getting to meet him and of course emotional because I realized I wouldn’t be seeing my previous doctor anymore. I’ve heard great things about the new doctor and his positive personality, but what we got was a tired monotone doctor at our visit. Granted it was probably a long day for him and we had a 5:50pm appointment, but I was hoping he would give me something to be excited about. At least he is professional and knows what he’s doing, but that bedside manner can go a long way. First impression was a little disappointing, but I guess I need to put that aside and focus on the goal. Getting Brinlee here safe and sound.


Today’s swim lesson I got to get in the pool with Mason. My dad was able to attend and video-record this experience. I was in ‘mommy focus mode’ in hopes I didn’t mess anything up. Basically the instructor and I were tossing Mason back and forth, but I had to refrain from pushing him to her or pulling him towards me. I need to be more aware of his ability to swim and allow him to get some use out of his kicking practice. All in all a good lesson and Mason was happier having me in the pool too.


Officially 30 weeks into my pregnancy and I sure do feel like it. Thank goodness in the heat of this summer I’m able to surround myself with plenty of water, aka our home pool, fun outings and the swim instructor’s pool. Today’s swim lesson I was back in the pool, but Mason was being a little show off. I think he thinks since mommy is in the pool it’s total playtime and he doesn’t have to listen. Oh dear! It was fun for us and Mason had many giggles, but I’m sure the swim instructor won’t be giving me a swim instruction certificate any time soon.

Also, the nicest thing happened…someone we know offered to give us their current newborn baby girl’s hand-me-downs. I am all for cute offers like that, but when Mark and I went through everything last night I was totally overwhelmed. They gave us so many cute outfits I was completely blown away. This pregnancy has seriously made me such a wimp.


Tonight is a family pizza/movie night! Mark and I were initially planning a date night, but ever since we ordered The Little Giants on Amazon and it arriving a few days ago, we decided to introduce Mason to the epic movie instead of going out ourselves, ha! Plus we haven’t ordered a Hungry Howies pizza in FOREVER!

P.S. The pizza was delicious and just how I remembered it, ha!

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