A Daddy’s Weekend










What a weekend! Mark’s parents came into town to celebrate Father’s Day and spend some quality time with us. They arrived Friday afternoon and started on some yard work right away. Mark’s dad is a horticulturalist and wanted to surprise Mark before he got home from work. We had some craziness going on in our front yard and now it looks like a completely different home. Someone else doing yard work is especially nice when you’re 29 weeks pregnant!

Saturday was another amazing day and we beat the rain just in time before it completely down poured. We drove to the nearest Buy Buy Baby to purchase little Brinlee’s crib mattress; among some other fun goodies. Mason was running all around the store like a proud and independent toddler, Mark and his father were chasing Mason around, and Momma Mac and I were testing out the nursery rockers for fun. Nothing like relaxing and watching your husband and father-in-law frantically run after your son. That pregnancy card is getting some good use out of itself.

That same evening Mark and his dad headed over to the Orlando City soccer game, a gift Mark got his dad for Fathers Day. They had a great time and Momma Mac and I enjoyed our night with Mason. We provided a yummy meal, a fun bubble bath, and tickle time before bed. The rest of the night we had some good quality girl talk and plenty of giggles before the guys got home from the game. It warmed my heart to be able to share some personal moments with my mother-in-law. The one-on-one time we had this weekend was such a gift and I am truly blessed to have such wonderful in-laws to call my own.

Fathers Day was the perfect end to a wonderful weekend. We attended church and the sermon was awesome. They just started a new series and Mark and I are excited to attend each one. Our pastor is presenting movies from the 80s and how they relate to some themes he’ll be discussing. This passed Sunday featured Rambo, ha! We even had our own little bag of popcorn to enjoy during the service. Yea…our church is pretty awesome!

Once we were home it was cook and swim time! Mark grilled while I set up some side dishes (aka my famous potato bake recipe that a friend gave me, ha!). My parents arrived just in time to eat and we had a fun gift presentation. This means I did not have time to wrap gifts, so I told my dad to close his eyes and then I presented him with the goods, hehe! He loved each one of them, especially the handmade card with Mason’s adorable face on the front. Sorry Hallmark, but you can’t beat that.

After this weekend I feel so overwhelmed with love for the family I was given. My parents are the best and I am blessed to be their daughter. They have given me so much throughout my life and I hope they know how much I appreciate and love them. Not only are they the best parents, but some amazing grandparents!

I cannot thank my in-laws enough for all the work they did around the house. Not just the yard work, but even a small task of cleaning the dishes helped out a bunch. They have always been such caring and giving people since the moment I met them. Mark is lucky to have them as parents, and Mason and Brinlee are even luckier to call them Grandma and Grandpa.

And to my amazing and wonderful husband…you are my best friend, Mason’s super hero and our soon to be Brinlee’s first love. Seeing my husband be a father is truly the best gift I get to experience, each and every day!


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