Mason 4-6 Months








Mason is officially 18 months old! I’m telling you this kid gets cuter and sweeter every day! I feel so blessed to have Mason as our son and get to share our lives together. There’s been so much tragedy in the past week that allows me to realize how precious my time is with my son. I definitely held him longer and kissed him a few times more after the recent news events. Our home state of Florida has been through the ringer!

It’s crazy that Mark and I used to live right down the street from where the shootings occurred over the weekend. First at the Plaza Theater, and then at Pulse. Then, the recent incident at Disney’s Grand Floridian! Mark and I were just there splashing with Mason at the water park. We were feet away from the beach where the child was taken. Anything can happen at any given moment and I just feel lucky to be able to kiss my child good night, each night.

In light of all the news, today I want to celebrate Mason becoming a month older and look back on his 4-6 months in the world. Here are some fun activities we got to capture last year. (His first 3 months were documented in a previous post seen here).

4 Months Old

We took some photos when Mason turned 4 months. He had himself a little chunk phase that was beyond adorable.

April - Lakeridge

Took a day trip to the local winery in April 2015. Mason was a happy camper and my sister-in-law came into town to visit that weekend.

May - Dedication Ceremony

The day of Mason’s baby dedication ceremony at church! This was the Saturday before my first Mother’s Day.

May Day

Just amazing how much he has changed! He was 5 months old here.

May 14 2015

Had to take some more photos with this cutie! (5 months old)

Memorial Day

Mason’s first Memorial day! Had ourselves a pool day!

6 Months - June 2015

Mason’s first trip to the beach was June 2015! He was 6 months old and we were celebrating my mom’s birthday.

I love taking photos and capturing moments and milestones as much as I can! It’s amazing to look back and remember how little Mason was and how much he has grown. The next big milestone will be when Mason becomes a big brother! Those moments we capture him meeting Brinlee are going to take my breath away! My heart just might burst into a thousand pieces of sheer happiness!

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