Pray for Orlando












After everything that has happened today I’m lucky to look into the eyes of my son and see so much love and innocence. It is hard to believe that the largest mass shooting in U.S. history just occurred less than an hour away from our home. This makes me feel so uneasy as a parent. You watch instances happen all around the world, but when it happens in your own back yard it’s so surreal. I wanted to believe that nothing like this would ever happen close to us, but the reality is a devastating event could happen to anyone, anywhere.

I am sadden for the lives lost, the fear we are all left unsettled with and all this evil within the world. My heart breaks that my children have to grow up in a world full of craziness and chaos. I’m thankful Mason is too young to realize what is going on and can continue to feel safe, but what am I going to do as he gets older? How can I explain the world we live in? How can I reassure my children that we can always keep them safe? Currently devising a plan to create a large bubble to place them in.

All I know is prayer is a powerful thing and it is definitely a good time to send some out to the Man upstairs. I just want to wish this had never happened; along with all the other acts of violence that have occurred over the years. I just want to stay strong and feel safe.

Mason was in a happy mood today and there were plenty of giggles shared. The moments I would chase him around or tickle him until he laughed uncontrollably, those are the moments I live for and the ones that keep me afloat.

Sending love and prayers to the victims and their families. Also, want to shout out to OPD and SWAT for keeping our community safe and the ORMC’s medical team for working diligently to save lives.


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