Office/Guest Room Upgrade: Part 1


Office Upgrade Cover

Office Upgrade Shelf

Office Upgrade Close Up

Office Upgrade Doors



What was once the man-cave and an explosion of green, is now a calming office/guest room! Since Mason’s room was my old office at one point, I’ve had the luxury of working in a room surrounded by man-orabilia and too much green. I have endured it for this long and now we have compromised on some new colors. What went from walking into the room going ‘AHHH’; is now a more soothing and relaxing feel. I’m excited to begin working in this room on Monday!

There’s still lots of organization and homey touches to complete, but in the meantime we are just admiring the new color scheme. Also, we could not pass up the current Sherwin Williams offer of 40% off paint until Monday! Ba-zing-a!

A big thank you to Mark and my mother for painting the room today! They worked hard and got everything covered in less than three hours. My dad and I assisted a little, but as much as I wanted to help more I avoided the fumes as much as I could.

We’ll be getting more things put together tomorrow and I’ll add some more updates as they come.

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