Friday Night at the Pet Store

Ruby Tues Fork

Pet Store Birds

Pet Store Aquarium

Pet Store Snake

Pet Store Ferret

Pet Store Dad

Pet Store Fish

Pet Store Turtle

Mason Smile

As dark clouds rolled in threatening to ruin our evening, we darted out the door making it to the pet store in time for Maddy’s appointment. Maddy is our male pug and was in desperate need of his monthly tune up (or at least we attempt to go monthly). He has what they call ‘anal glands’ that tend to need some maintenance once in a while. It becomes a literal pain in the butt for him and luckily all is well after tonight’s visit.

While Maddy was ‘enjoying’ his spa visit; Mark, Mason and I grabbed some dinner over at the local Ruby Tuesdays…we so fancy! The salad bar was my jam and Mason enjoyed him some ham and French fries. We attempted to feed him some veggies, but our kid knows what he wants and wants what he likes. He behaved so well though! Sometimes we get the cranky kid that is nearing his nap time, but tonight we got this mature toddler that colored, fed himself with a fork and smiled at people walking by. Just wanted to eat him up!

The best part of the evening was seeing Mason walk around the pet store in amazement. He’s been to parks and seen many different animals, but allowing him to have free range of the store gave our kiddo this adorable happiness that shined across his face. This was officially his first visit to a pet store.

The ferrets were wrestling, the turtles were swimming and the fish might have been Mason’s favorite. I cringed when he would knock against the tanks, but most of the time he just stared.

I am happy to report that we left without any new pets, Maddy is one happy dog, there was only one tantrum while leaving the store, and we beat the rain! Happy Friday!

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