Mom Life

The Bump Report: 28 Weeks

Bump - 28 Weeks

I have officially begun my third trimester! It’s amazing how fast everything has gone by this time around. Might be because I have a toddler to keep me busy, but it’s still incredible to think that Brinlee will be here in a few short months!

We’re slowly gathering things here and there for her nursery, but avoiding clothes as much as possible since I already know we’ll be getting A LOT of clothes at the baby shower. There’s gonna be so much cuteness and we can’t wait!

So this past week my belly finally dropped a bit and I can finally eat! When Brinlee was sitting so high I could barely breath and she prevented me from stuffing my face or if I did stuff my face I would get sick. I guess it’s a good thing not to over eat since I haven’t gained as much weight with this pregnancy as I did with my first. However, we still have some time for my weight to catch up with me…eek!

I keep pinching myself that we’re going to have two rugrats running around our house. I’m soaking in all this time with Mason, but seeing them both together will be amazing. I can’t wait for the moment Mason meets Brinlee. I’m going to totally cry seeing them both together. This motherhood job is just too much fun and such an amazing journey!

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