Sunday Afternoon at Champions Splash Park







IMG_4664  IMG_4682

This has been one eventful weekend! Water, water and more water!

Today was another one to put in the books. First, we went to church to get our praise on which started off normally. We dropped Mason off at Sunday school and went into the chapel anticipating the sermon. That was until we received a text message from the Sunday care team letting us know we were needed. Come to find out Mason pooped his pants and needed assistance. Typically they would change the diaper, but we requested that his diaper not be changed since he got a diaper rash last time. (I’m telling you that Honest diaper rash cream works miracles).

Anywho…Mark and I both go back to the Sunday school room and find the entire place smelling like Mason’s butt crack. I mean straight up stunk up the place. We get him situated and freshly cleaned, then sneak out of the room before he could notice we were gone. Unfortunately, he saw us leave and was oober upset about it. He’s usually pretty chill, but not this time for whatever reason.

We go back into the chapel to finish up the sermon. It was great! The pastor spoke about how to be there for someone who might be going through something difficult, to be cautious of not getting caught up in someone else’s sin and to avoid comparing yourself to others. You just gotta do you!

Once church was let out we hurried back over to Mason. This time he was changed into his back up outfit. So…our wonderful and sweet child got himself so worked up after we left that he threw up! I’m sure the Sunday care team will remember us for a while and not look forward to seeing us next time…sorry, but can’t help it that our child loves us enough to throw up at our absence.

Luckily the afternoon improved as the day went on and Mason was back to his cheerful self. Thus, our adventure to the Champions Splash Park commenced!

What a cute park! We didn’t know what to expect when we first arrived, but it ended up being a place we definitely want to visit again. The park is right up against Lake Minneola. Literally a few feet and you’re in the lake. There’s also a nice shaded pavilion set up with table benches to have a family picnic. There’s a $2 admission fee and they only take cash. We were unaware of this, but luckily we had some cash stowed away in Mark’s wallet…score!

I wish we had brought towels for ourselves because I would’ve participated more in the splash extravaganza. At least Mason went all out and had himself a lot of fun. You know what else is pretty awesome…the whole place was gated in and Mason could roam all around without us worrying about where he would end up. It doesn’t matter where we go, Mason is able to find the best leaves and dirt to play with…even the ones at the far end of the park and around the corner.

We splashed around a little over an hour before the storm clouds rolled in (and my shoulders started to feel the burn of the sun). We took away some adorable memories as a family and got to see a plane land on water, eat some snacks, collect some leaves, and cover ground of the entire splash area. We even grabbed some Yummi’s Frozen Yogurt before heading home! Made me one happy pregnant lady!





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