A Water Kind of Day













I love living in Florida, but today marks the hottest day this year and I’m not looking forward to it getting any hotter! The temperature was up in the mid-90s! Add some humidity to that and you’re looking at a forecast of swamp butt for sure. Luckily today we hopped around a few different fun spots to cool off and soak in some splash time.

The day started off early since we had breakfast plans with Mark’s family at the Disney’s Grand Floridian. What a beautiful resort! We met up with Mark’s Aunt, Uncle, Cousin and the cuz’s wifey from Georgia. We ate at the main cafe in the lobby and ordered some delicious grub. Mason behaved himself until he realized how hungry he was and found himself locked in a highchair, but all settled when he got some food. Our child gets ‘hangry’ just like us!

After breakfast we followed Mark’s other cousin to a nearby kiddie pool with her daughter. This pool was pretty awesome, aka an extreme water area with two slides, a mad-hatter tipping water tower and water spraying everywhere! You can tell Mason not only enjoyed himself, but had a favorite spot in the whole area…at the bottom of the slide. His cousin Charlotte was enjoying life as well. We said our goodbyes around 10am and were off to our next destination…SeaWorld.

My parents gave Mark and I annual passes for our anniversary this year and today seemed like a perfectly hot day to walk around a theme park surrounded by water. I do have to say, the Disney’s Grand Floridian’s water area for kiddos was much bigger and had more water than the splash pad at SeaWorld’s Happy Harbors. Nonetheless, Mason had himself a grand ole time. He did end up walking all around the Happy Harbors area and found a leaf that entertained him for the remainder of our stay. Basically an hour and a half of Mason flopping this leaf around. Whatever floats his boat, ha!

We hung out at SeaWorld for about 2 hours and then decided to leave once Mason threw in the towel. We’re talking up before 7am, breakfast, water playground, SeaWorld splash pad and lots of heat and walking. This kid hung in their with less than a 30 minute nap in the car! I was impressed. He slept a little in the car ride back and then it was another 30 minute nap when we got home. I might have closed my eyes for a bit as well. And then…family pool time!

I’m pretty sure Mason is part fish after today’s activities. It was a long day, but we had so much fun! I love watching our son grow and act silly. It’s days like today where being a mom is pretty fan-flippin-tastic.




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