Donuts for a King



Donut Stuff


Woke up this morning excited to eat some doughnuts to celebrate National Doughnut Day! To my surprise my husband got up early before heading to work, picked up the doughnuts and came back to finish getting ready. My man delivered! I hope he thinks I spoil him just as much as he spoils me.

Donut King is the local doughnut shop we like to go to that custom make their sweets and have some creative pastries. They even have some doughnuts with Oreos, M&M’s and Heath Bars! I mean, why not right!

I kept my order simple and stuck with frosting, sprinkles, my favorite lemon filled, as well as an Apple Fritter hiding in another box. And this Apple Fritter was as big as my head. Needless to say I hardly made a dent on that one today. Especially after eating the lemon filled and possibly a sugar cinnamon…yes I began this morning with a huge sugar high that pretty much lasted all day…eek!

Mason got in on some of the doughnut action too! He tried a chocolate frosted one, but ended up enjoying the glazed more. Apparently it was no pants Friday as well.

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