Bath and Bed Time with Honest






You learn a lot about baby brands when setting up your baby registry, but it’s always nice to know friends and family who have tested out the products as well. The first time I heard about The Honest Company was through my sister. She was telling Mark and I about having diapers delivered to her doorstep!

We did the diaper delivery when Mason was a newborn and then slowly began purchasing in store when Mason was going through diapers less frequently. The convenience of home delivery was awesome and we are definitely thinking about doing it again with Brinlee!

Our favorite Honest products are for bath and bed time! We’ve been using these from day one with Mason and will continue to use them with Brinlee. I trust the company, especially when Mason gets a diaper rash; the diaper rash cream works miracles in healing Mason’s downstairs area. Clears up rashes in just a couple of days!

So bath time around here is one of Mason’s favorite moments of his day! I mean who else would love to splash around in their birthday suit while playing with some favorite water toys, duh!

Honest shampoo has been great! At one point we tried another brand for comparison and noticed Mason’s minor case of eczema was becoming more noticeable. Once we switched back to Honest it cleared up and we haven’t turned back since! It’s nice to have a two in one option too (shampoo and body wash); makes for convenient bathing so Mason can focus on his splashing. It smells like an orange creamsicle too!

Once he’s out of the tub, Mason gets some powder on his tush before getting a clean diaper. This helps dry his bottom and keep everything feeling fresh. I also like to rub some body lotion on his arms and legs before getting his pajamas on. It has become a nice nighttime routine and allows him to relax before heading to bed.

All in all, The Honest Company has been a dependable brand and I can’t see us using anything else on our children.


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