Mom Life

I Blame My Husband






My husband is THE worst, but also THE best person ever!! He recently introduced me to Wendy’s Spicy Chicken Sandwich and all I can say is, where has this been all my life!? I have missed out on over 28 years of flavor and awesomeness. Mostly due to me attempting to eat healthy whenever I can, but when it comes to my pregnant self, there is no holding back!

My husband has the tendency to introduce me to the unhealthiest foods around. Before I began dating him I never ate at Arby’s and I hadn’t ordered from McDonalds since I was in Middle School. All that changed when we began dating and I blame my freshman 10 or 20 and plus on him. He gets to eat whatever he wants while I suffer the consequences. Curses to my female hormones!

However, while pregnant, I don’t care if I gain weight. Isn’t that what’s suppose to happen when you’re growing a human in your belly?

So this post has no purpose but to only rave at the deliciousness I’m currently eating for dinner and to also remind my husband that he is a pain in the butt. Let’s hope once Brinlee gets here I can get back on track. In the meantime, Brinlee and I will be enjoying tonight’s sandwich with delight.

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